Joel Sutherland


This is the place that I put the things I'm working on that are still experimental. Some are small, some are big.  Once I finish them they'll be written up in a blog post on NMC, HiFi or here.

Hacker News Mobile

It's fast and simple -- designed for reading Hacker News on the go. Only JSON gets sent back and forth after the initial page load and we took good care making sure all caching rules were set up intelligently.


This is a web-based take on Writeroom.  It's come along pretty well so far with minimal JS and CSS.  I'm currently working with the HiFi API so that I can create/save blog post drafts and write them using Markdown.  Nav is in the bottom left.

Horizontal Slider

Now that Firefox 3.5 is dead, we can rotate text 90 degrees in all major browsers.  That means its time for a fully dynamic horizontal slider. CSS3, you bet. Kadow.