Joel Sutherland

Why this blog exists.

For over two years I have been running a web development company and I haven't had a personal blog.  Why not?

  1. Writing a blog takes time. 
    During the start up phase of New Media Campaigns there simply wasn't time for me to have a (personal) creative outlet.  My role has been to lead customer fulfillment.  In its first two and a half years, NMC has launched over 150 websites, giving me much more than a full time job.
  2. I believe reading is much more valuable that writing.
    Being in the web business only makes this more true.  There is so much to keep up with -- I would rather spend my time learning or doing than writing.  Mark Cuban wrote a post several years ago about the value of reading that has strongly resonated with me:
  3. I didn't think I had anything to share.
    To a degree, I still feel this is true, but I have learned a lot since starting New Media Campaigns.  I've worked on more websites than I can remember and written software that works, and more importantly our customers love.
So why start now? Our company is finally out of start-up mode and I've got more time to breathe. The posts on this site will cover topics I have been thinking about for the last couple of years as well as new things I find interesting.  I hope it is as fun and rewarding as I imagine it might be.