Joel Sutherland

Top Reads: September, 24 2010


An incomplete, unordered list of the best things I read this week pulled from my instapaper history:

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds

This is a Michel Lewis ( you know it's good ) piece on the collapse of the Greek Economy. It turns out that the Greek culture is systematically. Nobody pays taxes and everybody takes handouts.  The Greeks cooked their books in order to move to the Euro.  Now they are screwed and there is no clear solution.  Worth reading.

The Face of Facebook

This is the first profile of Mark Zuckerberg worth reading.  In spite of what the subhead says, he doesn't open up. I think there is enough however to figure out what he is all about.  Unlike Bill Gates he doesn't lead from the authority of his technical knowledge.  Unlike Jobs, he isn't wildly charismatic or necessarily innovative.  Instead it mostly seems like he is willing to see things through and doesn't get too caught up on failures along the way.

America is a Joke

A New York Magazine profile of Jon Stewart.  If you've read about him before there isn't much new, if you haven't read it for sure I found the most interesting part was the extent to which he still runs just about everything on The Daily Show.

Inside the Secret World of Trader Joes

A good profile of a fairly secretive company.  The post interesting part was how they make substantially more money per square foot than every other grocier. It's nice to see a company grow responsibly.