Joel Sutherland

The New Has Launched


The site you are seeing has been upgraded from its old existence on posterous with a default theme.  It was a lot of fun to design this and play around with some cool HTML5/JS/CSS tricks.

To check out the text styling I used, go to the Greeked Text page.  To see the typographic baseline, mouse over each of the colored bars at the top of the screen.

My goal with the design was to make something simple that looked nice.  When coding it, I also wanted to stick with minimalism.  The template only uses one image, a 24-bit noise tile for the background.  Everything else was done in CSS.  I also tried to keep the HTML minimal by using Javascript to inject non-essential elements.

I hope you like the site -- let me know if there are complains.  Expect a full-on nerdy writeup at some point in the future.