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HiFi is Making Crazy Progress

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hifi custom fields

There has been some great work done lately by Josh Lockhart (@codeguy), Eli Van Zoeren (@elivz)  and Kris Jordan (@KrisJordan) on HiFi.  Among 81 minor improvements launched tonight, we now have custom fields live and operational!

This won't mean much to the non-nerds out there, but it is a great achievement.  It is now possible to define a set of fields that will show up in HiFi for site editors to use.  So if you're making a Portfolio section, you can add fields for URL, Project Type, and even Images that are fully integrated with the rest of the HiFi media system.

Perhaps coolest of all, you then assign the custom fieldset to a place in your site tree.  It then will apply to that area of the site only.  Since the HiFi API is so clean, this also means that custom fields stack.

Ultimately, this is a super-flexible framework for creating a site structure that makes the most sense to end users and makes the data available to developers through a simple JSON API.  We're excited to start using this in practice!