Joel Sutherland

Adobe Photoshop Pricing: Mac and PC

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About a year ago I purchased a retail license of Adobe Photoshop CS4 ($699). As allowed by the license, I installed it on my desktop and laptop, both Windows.

In July, 2010, CS5 was released. This was important because it meant that they no longer allowed CS4 licenses to move between Mac and PC. So here are my options with a 9 month old product:

  1. Upgrade my Windows desktop to CS5 ($199) and buy a new copy of CS5 for the Mac ($699): $897
  2. Replace the desktop with a refurb Mac Mini ($599) and upgrade my CS4 license to CS5 ($199): $797
  3. Run CS4 on the desktop and Upgrade the Mac to CS5 by calling a special department: $199
  4. GIMP on the Macbook: $0

It seems completely silly that if I want to run the same version of Photoshop on my two computers, it is cheaper to just buy another computer than deal with Adobe.

If Adobe keeps things like this up, I'll bet people start pirating their software.